Some mildly esoteric  training concepts for those readers that are that way inclined…


Fluid body:

  • Free-diving: Divers should move like water through water, without tension or rigidity, creating minimum resistance.
  • In yoga asana: Continuously probe the form of the asana with gentle exploration of our limits, using the breath as a tool of postural investigation and to consciously release tension.

Fluid mind: An unresisting, tension free mind, actively engaging in every new activity without pre-conceived ideas or mindsets.

Silent witness: We practice awareness of the body’s sensations and our thought processes in each passing moment with the attitude of curious, but calm observer, present but non-reactive.

Stillness in motion: We find inner stillness even in movement, with an inward centering of our awareness.

Motion in stillness; developing awareness of the subtle movements that happen in the body even when it is still, for example the movement of the breath, the build up of tension or the slow releasing of tightness.


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