Manta Point

Freediving with Mantas has to be one of the most beautiful experiences that you can have as a freediver and Nusa Penida is the perfect place for freediving with Mantas. If you know where to look they are always there, especially if you avoid the big groups of SCUBA divers. That is why we charter our own boat and only dive with freedivers and snorkellers.

This one day trip is a favourite with our students as even without the Mantas it’s a beautiful journey along the rugged Penida coastline.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Mantas in uncrowded conditions. Due to the situation, this intimate trip for freedivers and snorkelers is discounted by 40%. All are welcome, you don’t need to be a freediver. All you need is a respect for the natural world and a basic level of snorkeling ability.

 Against the stark beauty of the Penida cliffs and just below the surface, these graceful giants glide and circle in what is one of the most beautiful visions of the underwater world. You’ll learn appropriate protocols for respectful interactions, that give these majestic creatures the space they deserve. We’ll also share what is known about their mysterious ways.  

How much is it?

Cost per person 900,000 IDR (reduced from 1,600,000 IDR)

What is included?

The price includes:

✓ Speedboat charter from Padangbai

 Lunch, snacks, tea, and coffee

 All freediving equipment

 Manta educational briefing and protocols.


What is not included?

– Transport to Pandangbai

But we can provide transport from Amed as low rates and assist if needed.

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