Level 3

Freediving Master Course

“The ultimate mind/body freediving immersion, an adventure in human plasticity’

Who is this for?

The Apneista Freediving Master Course course is a comprehensive all round free-diving internship. It suitable for everyone who has gone beyond the basic level of freediving, having completed supervised training above Level 2 or similar. We have the best place in Asia to offer this type of intensive freedive training.

Spanning a minimum of 4 weeks the master course incorporates the level 3 Deep course and provides you with the necessary skills and technique to dive deep safely. By giving yourself this time to train your body and mind will be able to adapt and greater depth will come easily.The master course is total immersion in the world of freediving, you will train, assist on courses, study and for your time in Bali become part of the Apneista family.

Full immersion with practically unlimited diving

With depth on our doorstep minimal logistics mean you can literally walk out of the centre and be in calm 45m water just 100m from shore. Our purpose built training centre combined with the relaxed Bali vibe, make it a fantastic place to spend time to train and master your skills.


Holistic approach, adapted to the individual.

Everyone is unique, with their own goals, progressing at their own pace and responding differently to different approaches. We strive for a balance between structure and fluidity with our master students and offer the most comprehensive toolbox of self transformation practices both, for freediving and through freediving. We offer the tools but you choose which aspects you want to focus on.


A solid foundation for any direction you wish to continue, including as a profession.

This is the all round foundation to any direction you wish to take your freediving, photography, video, competition or as a profession. For those wishing to make a career from freediving the master course is the perfect preparation for the SSI instructor training program. For those interested and suitable for our educational approach we also offer longer term Apneista instructor internships.

Yoga and the master freediver programme.


In our training space we also run Yoga Asana classes and Pranayama Classes on regular basis. All master students will have a discounted rate for classes and will as part of their training learn a basic daily routine adapted to their needs.

The science of Yoga represents more than 2000 years of un-interrupted research and exploration of human potential. There are so many practices and techniques to Yoga that no individual could claim to be a master of all of them. These practices don’t just affect the physical body, but also affect the mind, emotions and subtler aspects of the human being, and there is something for everyone.

Since the 70’s freedivers have been using techniques taken from Yoga.

Asana is the physical practice, using posture and movement with the breath to increase strength and flexibility which is of obvious use to freediver. See here for more about our Asana classes.


We also offer training in meditation and breath-work to supplement your master course. These practices are of great value to the Master Freediver, helping with mental conditioning and developing confidence at depth.

We also have regular guest teachers offering different styles of yoga and bodywork.



Apneista is a community of Professional Freediving trainers and Yoga teachers. We train mostly in Amed Bali, but also teach and run freediving and yoga courses elsewhere in Indonesia and abroad.


We run most of our freedive training in and from our beautiful training space right on the beach in Amed, at the best spot in Bali for Freediving. We have a Yoga Shala and a funky café to chill out in between training sessions. See Our freedive training space for more details. We also have a new training space with a 25 M Monofin freedive training pool and static apnea pool in the incredible Blue Earth Village. 


Bali and most specifically Amed is fast becoming an important centre of freediving in SE Asia, with more and more freedivers choosing it as a place to freedive and hang out. Bali freediving is in warm waters, with beautiful reefs and wrecks. The topside life is also great with a vibrant local culture which is famous the world over. Above there surface Amed is also great and full of things to do.



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