Level 1

Basic Freediving Course

“The most comprehensive 2 day basic freediving course in Bali.”

Who is this for?

The level 1/ Basic freediving course is for everyone. From people with a lot of experience in the water to those with almost none this course is an important introduction to the silent world of freediving in the tropical waters around Amed, Bali.

Personalised course in the ideal location.

Your classroom is 20 metres from the waters edge where you’ll put the theory into practice. We waste no time with boats and logistics meaning that more time is spent gaining understanding, practising freediving and adapting training to individual needs.

Even those with considerable freediving experience will benefit as the focus is on developing good freediving technique and laying the foundation for effective and safe further freedive training.

Mind/body tools; freediving as lifeskill

The basic freediver course gives a solid understanding of the psychological and physiological processes involved in freediving. Using  techniques and insights from yoga and meditation we approach freediving as an exploration of the mind/body connection. What you learn on the course is useful even if you never saw the ocean again.

We do not have target depths, nor a competitive atmosphere. Its not how deep you go but how you get there that matters.

Science based technique from the cutting edge.

Safety and good technique are based on good understanding. We are constantly evolving our course based on advances in scientific understanding and the efforts of the worlds elite freediving. We make the science real and digestible, so that all students have a safe and solid foundation to continue their journey into the beautiful blue.

Scientific understanding creates better technique, which leads to greater comfort and confidence under the water.



Day 1

  • Freediving Physics and Physiology of freediving
  • Breathwork, manipulation of nervous system through the breath
  • Hyperventilation and Hypoventilation, avoiding Shallow water blackout
  • Equalisation for freedivers
  • Finning technique, Constant weight fins
  • Free immersion
  • Buoyancy for freedivers
  • Mental conditioning
  • Yogic practices for freediving

Hours: 8.30AM – 5PM

Day 2

  • Duckdiving, Mental preparation, pre dive ‘breathe up’ and recovery breaths
  • Static breath holds dry
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Surface protocol and rescue
  • Buddy protocol
  • Underwater rescue
  • Dry training and techniques for maintaining interest over time
  • Yoga routine for freedivers
  • Knowledge assessment

Hours: 9AM – 5PM



Apneista is a community of Professional Freediving trainers and Yoga teachers. We train mostly in Amed Bali, but also teach and run freediving and yoga courses elsewhere in Indonesia and abroad.


We run most of our freedive training in and from our beautiful training space right on the beach in Amed, at the best spot in Bali for Freediving. We have a Yoga Shala and a funky café to chill out in between training sessions. See Our freedive training space for more details. We also have a new training space with a 25 M Monofin freedive training pool and static apnea pool in the incredible Blue Earth Village. 


Bali and most specifically Amed is fast becoming an important centre of freediving in SE Asia, with more and more freedivers choosing it as a place to freedive and hang out. Bali freediving is in warm waters, with beautiful reefs and wrecks. The topside life is also great with a vibrant local culture which is famous the world over. Above there surface Amed is also great and full of things to do.



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Happy students

Sergey Grachev

Level 1

“ It’s Great! It’s more great what I think before try. It’s very good for body and mind, feeling on the deep, It’s like a wonderful movement to be above with yourself, It’s like a space. I’m very happy to try it here 🙂
Thanks you very much for this experience ”

Rachel Trabout

Level 1

“ I loved it! It was challenging for me physically and mentally. I loved the teaching approach, I felt safe at all the time, encouraged and supported. I am keen to explore further and I feel that. I have on the right directions to do so.”

Ed Clerk

Level 1

“ I loved the course. I have always wanted to learn to freedive and It has been a great experience learning the basics. The instructor. I had a great instructor and found his teaching and feedback to be really effective and done in a very nice, friendly and professional way. I can’t wait to do more, hopefully I will be back next year for Level 2. ”

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