Kapalbhati: kapala -skull   bhati- shining

A technique for cleaning the sinuses and other respiratory passages, it also stimulates the digestive organs and abdominal muscles. Kapalbhati floods the body with O2 and prana and has an energising effect on the nervous system. (more…)

Pranayama, controlling energy through knowledge of the breath.


PRANA- Universal  life energy, Chi, Ki,  The subtle force that permeates all matter and gives form to Chaos or in the words of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas ‘The force that through the green fuse drives the flower’

YAMA- Control, Extension,Increase.

The breath is the primary vehicle of Prana. In Yoga breath holds are performed not in order to dive or spear-fish, but as a means of controlling and increasing the flow of subtle energy in the body. Though some of the practices in Apnea training may appear similar to some forms of Pranayama, the awareness is very different and the effects are a world apart. The effects of some of the advanced forms are powerful and should be approached with extreme caution and with the guidance of a responsible teacher. (more…)

Anapana, gateway to insight

Anapana is a preparatory practice for the powerful Vippassanna technique of Buddhist meditation. It is based on observation of the breath and the sensations around the nostrils and upper lip. The breath being the link between conscious and unconscious minds, observation of natural respiration is considered the obvious first step in developing subtle awareness.

The practice is simple, yet difficult to master. (more…)

Know thy breath, know thyself

For centuries wise-men and sages have admonished man to awaken and become truly self aware. Many techniques have been promoted to achieve this awakening. From simple self observation to self flagellation, from discipline of the mind with meditation to purification of the body with asana, there is hardly a technique that has been not been prescribed at one time or other.


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