We make this freediving pilgrimage to the worlds most biodiverse underwater playground once a year, at least. Get in touch for more info, it’s memories for life.



 – One of the Last Wild Frontiers on Our Planet –


Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure to the magnificent waters of Raja Ampat.

Set in the heart of the famed Coral Triangle, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago is an amazing world few travelers ever get to experience. The snorkelling and freediving here is world-class, an underwater kingdom of extravagantly rich coral reefs that support astonishing species—technicolor soft corals, ghost pipefish, tasseled wobbegongs, hawksbill turtles, octopus, eight different species of anemonefish—the diversity is absolutely mind-bending! Topside, you’ll relish a realm of dramatic limestone islands, dazzling aquamarine lagoons, and rare birds—including the red bird of paradise. Our ship makes a comfortable home base, and your evenings are spent in exquisite and remote anchorages savoring the utterly unspoiled beauty of your surroundings.

The cost of the trip is USD$2700 for 11 nights. All meals and activities on board are included except alcoholic beverages, flights and transfers to and from Sorong.

Freediving training for experienced divers is included. For anyone wishing to do a level 1 or 2 course during the trip, that can be arranged at a discounted price.

Side activities: yoga, sea kayaking, SUP, bird watching (bird of paradise), beach visits, cultural tours and scuba diving.

A great boat, amazing location and experienced hosts combine to make this is the trip of a lifetime.

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