Bali Freediving Courses

Apneista is the original Bali Freediving and Yoga Community in Amed. On our Freediving courses in Bali, we use our own individual-focused approach, using tools from yoga and meditation. Our purpose built place is right on the beach in Bali’s best bay for freedive training. We also have a new training space with a 25m Monofin freedive training pool and static apnea pool in the incredible Blue Earth Village. Freediving courses from beginner to instructor level are offered, as well as internships, workshops and yoga classes.

Freediving Courses

Our freediving courses (from basic to instructor level) are personalised and aim to find a balance between the science and the art of freediving. As the first freediving community in Bali, we were lucky to get the ideal location for our high-intensity/ low-stress courses.

We follow a process focused, individualised approach to freediving using our own manuals, based on training 1000’s of students. For International certification we follow the standards of either the SSI and Molchonovs Freedive Systems for those interested in freediving certification.


Workhops are mostly related to Freediving, Yoga and Meditation, as we believe these fields offer a fascinating window into human potential. We’ve had top freediving physiologists expounding on the nerdiest aspects of the freediving science but also some pretty random stuff, twerking clinic anyone?

We are part of a global community of freedivers and yogis.  Many big names come through and share their skills, including during the Deepweek,when we host the biggest non-competitive gathering of freedivers anywhere. Follow us for upcoming events.


One of the most incredible aspects of freediving, yoga and meditation is an increased capacity to connect with nature. And in Indonesia we have some really incredible and mind-blowing nature to connect with.

We regularly organise freediving trips both locally to dive with Mantas and further afield to Raja Empat and Komodo with some of the most talented guides in the industry. Every year we expand our offerings, running different styles of freediving and yoga trips, follow us on our socials to hear about the next once in a lifetime adventure.


Yoga is the perfect complement to freediving, as the same ethos guides both. We use many techniques from yoga and meditation in our freediving courses, but also offer wide range of seperate Yogic and mind/body trainings.

Since 2018 we have been colloborating with the amazing crew at Blue Earth Village to expand our Yoga Offerings. Now we have a wide selection of trainings  in the most incredible yoga space in East Bali, the views are eye-popping. Check out Blue Earth Village for pics and info.

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Happy students

Sergey Grachev

Level 1

“ It’s Great! It’s more great what I think before try. It’s very good for body and mind, feeling on the deep, It’s like a wonderful movement to be above with yourself, It’s like a space. I’m very happy to try it here 🙂
Thanks you very much for this experience ”

Rachel Trabout

Level 1

“ I loved it! It was challenging for me physically and mentally. I loved the teaching approach, I felt safe at all the time, encouraged and supported. I am keen to explore further and I feel that. I have on the right directions to do so.”

Ed Clerk

Level 1

“ I loved the course. I have always wanted to learn to freedive and It has been a great experience learning the basics. The instructor. I had a great instructor and found his teaching and feedback to be really effective and done in a very nice, friendly and professional way. I can’t wait to do more, hopefully I will be back next year for Level 2. ”

Jonathan Perrot

Level 1

“ Was a great course, the instructor was a great teacher, super friendly and full of information. From the training I have become much more confident in my capacity to stay underwater for longer period and also gained more understanding of my body how it functions. I would definitely recommend people to come here for this course. Thank you! ”

Rachel Wicks

Level 2

“ Really great course – perfect balance of teaching in and out of water. Friendly place to learn and the instructor was very encouraging, clear and patient 🙂 Amazed how quickly I could progress and learnt a lot. Thank you! =) ”

Naomi Clark-Shen

Level 1

“ Love it. I was very nervous but was made to feel very relaxed as soon as I steeped foot in Apneista. Loved that we were asked about concerns and goals. The place was very relaxed and there was no pressure to push past out confort which is sometimes the case in diving (scuba). The instructors was amazing in water – very calming and clear and was a fun and relaxing theory teacher. ”

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Relax Motherf**kers

Relax Motherf**kers

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It’s not about the numbers!

It’s not about the numbers!

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Deep Week November ’19 is a wrap!

Deep Week November ’19 is a wrap!

Well ladies and gentlemen of the underwater world, it’s official; November 2019 Deep Week was the largest non-competitive freediving event in the history of the universe and it was held in the sleepy fishing town of Amed in East Bali. For those of you that don’t know...

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