“Mouthfill made easy”

Who is this for?

This mouthfill workshop is for people who struggle with Equalisation on dives deeper than residual volume or do not feel they have understood mouthfill on previous trainings.


The mouthfill technique is credited to the legendary Eric Fattah who was looking for a safer more efficient way to equalise past residual volume. The majority of deep freedivers now use this technique or a variation of it when diving +40m.

The mouthfill course is a 1 day workshop that takes you step by step through the technique and helps to avoid some of the common mistakes people make. If you’ve never done mouthfill before or are struggling to master the technique then this is the course for you.


Apneista is a community of Professional Freediving trainers and Yoga teachers. We train mostly in Amed Bali, but also teach and run freediving and yoga courses elsewhere in Indonesia and abroad.

We run most of our freedive training in and from our beautiful training space right on the beach in Amed, at the best spot in Bali for Freediving. We have a yoga sala and a funky café to chill out in between training sessions. See Our freedive training space for more details. We also have a new training space with a 25 M Monofin freedive training pool and static apnea pool in the incredible Blue Earth Village. 

 Bali and most specifically Amed is fast becoming an important centre of freediving in SE Asia, with more and more freedivers choosing it as a place to freedive and hang out. Bali freediving is in warm waters, with beautiful reefs and wrecks. The topside life is also great with a vibrant local culture which is famous the world over. Above there surface Amed is also great and full of things to do.


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