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” Wisdom of the ancients, an adventure in human plasticity” 

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The ultimate retreat centre for the water loving yogi


A sustainable community space for people to connect with others and for personal mind/body exploration, emphasising aspects associated with water and nature

The resort is built with earthbags, bamboo and recycled hardwoods. The style will be a cross between Mexican adobe style and retro tropical Asian. The overall feeling will be rustic, organic and grounded. Most rooms won´t have AC, no rooms will have TV. All rooms will have red lighting for night time and good sound insulation to help regulate natural bio-rhythms. Each room will have a deck for doing yoga, chilling out and there is a communal sala.
There are three obvious elemental themes in the resort, earth because we building with sacks filled of earth, walls will be 50cm thick; air, because each room will have access to a deck with a fresh air and views, likewise the main yoga shala. The third and the most important element is water because we will have 25m pool for freediving training, a smaller pool for watsu, (shiatsu in the water), at least one each of the following; flotation tank, herbal sauna, hot-tub (possibly Jacuzzi).

Water and fluidity is the central theme
Blue Earth Village is a space for exploration of human self-transformation using water both as a medium and as a guiding principle.

Our fluid nature is a physiological fact, we are 7/10s water but it’s true on another level, that we are neuro-plastic animals, the most malleable species on earth. Meditation and yoga are tools to explore this fluid aspect of the human being and water is the ideal supporting element.

A central goal of ‘Blue Earth village’ is not to create an escape from the world, but to create a space for knowledge sharing and perception moulding.

The public sala is open for drop in classes of yoga, pilates, meditation etc… but also specialist workshops and lectures.
The guiding concept is to create a space for exchange and sharing of different skills and knowledge, most classes will be charged but there will be many activities that will be free or just covering costs, for example TED style seminars or guided meditations. The focus will not be narrowly mind-body but also dance, art and more generally 21st century knowledge advances, environmental etc.

The restaurant construction is going to be a mixed of upcycled materials, bamboo, stone and recycled wood.
There will be a roof terrace with seating for 35-40 people, garden terraces with space for another 50 people. The whole seating area will have incredible views of the bay and Agung volcano.
The food will be an international menu with an emphasis on local ingredients and healthy options but will also serve alcohol and amazing desserts.

Amed is lacking a central meeting point for travellers and we wish to create that space. There will be games and a large bulletin board. We also wish to collaborate strongly with the drive to make Amed “greener” and develop the ‘Amed green zone’ concept and make the village a hub for that drive.

The restaurant price range will be medium with some budget options and plenty of high range options. We want our guests to be everything from poor diving instructors to diners who are happy to fork out a $100 for dinner and wine.

The thinking behind the name ‘blue earth village’
• it nails the important themes and is meaningful, most language speakers understand the English in it.
‘Water, community, sustainable etc’
• It taps into a much broader vision than just the naming of a resort, it can almost be a description of the whole educational vision of the space.

Facilities; for current phase of building
Restaurant; Seating in dry weather 100/ wet weather 50.
Hotel; 20 rooms
Open air yoga sala for 30 people.
Classroom spaces;

Massage areas,
Hot tubs
Flotation tanks


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