Freediving Trips

“Enjoy your freediving skills in some of the worlds best dive locations”

Though freediving on an line has it’s many moments of deep blue joy, it would be a great shame to miss out on all the other treats in the ocean. Some of our freediving trips are relatively local but others are to less trodden spots in Papua and Sumatra (amongst others.) We’re always planning something, sometimes at quite short notice so get in touch to find out where the next freediving adventure is..

Our Freediving Trips


Whilst Jemeluk bay is the “classroom” for our freediving courses, The Liberty Wreck is our playground – or at least one of them. Although more susceptible to winds and currents once you have some training the Liberty is a great place to freedive.

110 metres long and lying in between 5 mts to 30 mts depth. The wreck is an underwater wonderland of marine life – schools of trevally, bream, fusilier and anthias mill all over and around the wreck, coming curiously right up to the freediver.


Freediving with Mantas has to be one of the most beautiful experiences that you can have as a freediver and Nusa Penida is the perfect place for freediving with Mantas.

If you know where to look they are always there, especially if you avoid the big groups of SCUBA divers. That is why we charter our own boat and only dive with freedivers and snorkellers. Get in touch to find out about our next trip.


We love to go on adventures and dive in new places, so during the year we regularly organise freediving safaris and camps in different spots in Indonesia. The liveaboard trips are from beautiful wooden boats and the camps are land based in fantastic locations.

Some of our favourite spots are Raja Empat and Komodo, but we’re also looking at other places further afield for 2017 including Sumatra and Ambon, please get in touch for more details.

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