Advanced Freediver course

Apneista Advanced Freediving course

An exploration of the freedivers mammalian dive reflex in Amed, Bali

While the basic freediver course is a general introduction to the processes involved in freediving, the advanced freediver course is a much deeper practical investigation of the aquatic potential of the human being.

The main focus of the Advanced freediver course is on understanding the Mammalian Dive Reflex (MDR) and using it to become more at one with the liquid element. Finding comfort in discomfort and working with apnoeic adaptation is the name is the name of the game. This fascinating series of processes, possessed by all aquatic mammals is what allows humans to freedive to the incredible depths now reached by elite free-divers.

Comfort, understanding and technique are the focus of this three day course rather than target depths. Maximum depth will be 35 metres, but most people dive between 20mts and 30 metres. We have these depths a stones throw from our training space, meaning that the freediving is easy and very relaxed, something which is important when starting to increase depth.


  • Mammalian dive reflex and how to work with it.
  • Static training, dry, wet and safety protocol.
  • N.P.S.A. and use of CO2 as trigger technique.
  • Physics of pressure re; residual volume, Failure depth.
  • Introduction to Exhale freediving.
  • Squeeze and how to avoid.
  • Free fall, turn around.
  • Deep freediving.
  • Hook breaths.
  • Deep rescue.
  • Dry techniques(advanced)

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