We do most of our  training in Jemeluk bay because it’s the most protected bay in the area but there are many amazing places to freedive around us. One of the best is the Liberty wreck in Tulamben. Although more susceptible to winds and currents than Jemeluk once you have some training the wreck is an amazing place to freedive.we normally come here on the level 2 course conditions allowing.

It’s 110 metres long and lying in between 5 mts to 30 mts depth. This is the perfect place to practice your new freediving skills. The wreck is an underwater wonderland of marine life – schools of trevally, bream, fusilier and anthias mill all over and around the wreck, coming curiously right up to the freediver.

The wreck is brimming with life, with safe overhead environments and exciting swim-throughs. It’s a freedivers paradise, the perfect site to practice freediving for the sheer pleasure of the silent underwater experience.

Being only 20 minutes from Jemeluk. We regularly run trips here and armed with you new freediving skills, our instructors will guide you through the wreck, provide safety support and point out the many swim-throughs.

To get the most out of freediving the wreck it’s better to get there early in the morning when conditions are best and before the many bus loads of scuba divers arrive.