Yoga Training For Freedivers

Fluid body, fluid mind, be like water.

Yoga training for freedivers has been popular and well recognised since the days of Jaques Mayol. You obviously don’t need to do yoga to freedive, but yoga training has many benefits for the freediver.


On the purely physical level the practice of asana gives us strength, flexibility and good motor firing patterns. This gives us fluid and less wasteful movement in water, meaning longer bottom times and higher comfort levels. The ability to consciously disengage muscles, an important part of asana practice, means less Co2 production in static training or slow free immersion dives.

See asana yoga classes(link)


Pranayama is the science of breath control and development of subtle awareness. It is the fourth limb in ashtanga yoga and has very obvious benefits for the freediver. Increased breath awareness and control is an important tool for developing confidence and relaxation in the water.

See Pranayama for more info (link)


Bhandas help develop core strength for good freedive finning technique. They also increase thoracic flexibility to prepare for the pressure of deeper dives below residual volume. They also help the freediver develop greater control over the nervous system and a deeper body awareness. This helps the freediver maintain inner stillness in challenging situations.

See Bhandas (link) for more details

Meditation, visualisation and concentration training.

There is a huge mental aspect to freediving, especially at the beginner level. The ability to relax is of massive benefit to the freediver, resulting in more enjoyable, safer and longer dives.

Visualisation and concentration training helps one learn motor skills quicker and develop confidence, this is integral to our approach to freediving. The ancient insights of Yoga are completely validated by modern advances in neuroscience and sports psychology. We make use of these in our freediving courses but we also offer more indepth classes and workshops see here (link)

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