Freediving training manuals and resources

Below you will find freediving training manuals, stretching routines and review questions for all freediving course levels.

Resources for Basic Course

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Resources for Advanced Course

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Resources for Master Course

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Resources for Instructor Course

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Freediving and things aquatic…

Yogada is a very interesting site for those interested in yoga and the non-competitive side of freediving, still at the launching stages, in the next few months it should up and running in both Russian and English. The instructors involved are great bunch, excellent teachers and good fun.

Tradewinds Adventures is a unique surf safari reaching pristine world class breaks. Their beautiful wooden phinisi charter-boat offers a really authentic Indonesian surf adventure. Also offering Apneista training on board during select trips. The surf guides and crew can’t be beat.

Freediving Biz is a site written by Swedish freedive veteran Sebastien Naslund. He has put years of work and study into his site and it has a wealth of information.

Deeper Blue is a meeting place and forum for many dedicated and talented freedivers, it is a great place to pick up tips and learn from great experimenters such as Sebastian Murat and Eric Fattah.

His site is Liquivision where he sells liquid goggles, nose clips and a free-dive computer designed to his specifications.

For those into Scuba Life Aquatic for contact with the world renowned Mari Kagaya, an incredible veteran dive instructor and dive guide who has miraculous underwater eyes. She is capable of spotting things underwater that can barely be seen with a microscope.

APNEA is a great site for training material, they have really put a lot of work into it, also trying to make it so that the great untrained don’t log on easily and then drown themselves doing DIY apnea training.

Freedive Central is a site where the focus is definitely on the competitive aspect of freediving, good for looking up world rankings etc.

Getaway Colombia is a really special place in Colombia offering free-diving and yoga escapes.

Interesting things in Bali.

Surf Yogis is a great idea in 100% organic suncream and other skin products that won’t hurt the reef or let the sun hurt you. They also have a great facebook page to bring together people who love Surfing and Yoga, amongst other things. Soon to be organising some amazing yoga retreats for surfers.

Check out Drifter Surf shop for probably the most beautiful surf shop in the world, a glorious celebration of Surf lifestyle and Art, in Semingyak South Bali.

Yoga and gifted bodyworkers.

Yoga point in Maharashtra India is a great Ashram for receiving an education in a traditional approach to Tantric yoga, it’s also a great resource site on Yogic topics.

For high level therapeutic Thai Yoga massage or advanced training, check out Miss Felicity Joy, an inspired healer specialising in teaching Sen line theory and Thai massage therapy.

For excellent Yoga and a great community check out the lovely Rose’s ‘Wild Rose studio and Sauna’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. A really beautiful space with herbal saunas on Fridays, it’s a great place to meet the yogis of Chiang Mai. They also often get together and practice Acroyoga in the park.

Alternative Tourism

If you are interested in seeing a different side to India and especially in learning more about the beautiful path of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism check out Lisa Tully’s new travel offering Spiritual Backpackers India giving travelers a authentic experience of Tibetan culture in India. Also on offer are trips to take part in teachings offered by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

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