Free-diving and yoga for surfers

From the 13th of June till the 25th there will be a very special free-diving training programme aimed specifically at surfers.  We will be training aboard the beautiful ‘Jiwa’ as we sail through the Mentawai Islands catching world class waves. Off the coast of Sumatra, these pristine islands had head hunters in recent memory and are famous for world class surf.

When the swell is big, we will be in it.  But when it’s not too hot, we’ll be free-diving, with optional classes of Yoga and meditation. When taking a break from the water we will see some of  the fascinating local culture. The trip will be one to remember.

This is a free-diving course tailored specifically for surfers to give maximum benefit in minimum time. The focus of the breath hold training is on probing personal limits and breaking down mental walls. We do this by understanding and triggering the Mammalian Dive Reflex and experiencing directly just what the human body is capable of in breath hold situations.It’s all in the mind and when the mind knows what the body is capable of, it can relax with surprising results.

Apart from free-diving on a line, personal training routines will be taught so that after the trip everyone can continue to develop their breath hold abilities in their daily life.

The optional yoga training is also designed towards the needs of surfers focusing on strength and balance in rotation as well as opening the chest and shoulders and increasing lung volume. Students can learn some of the principles of good yoga and become established in a very effective daily whole body sequence. There will also be Pranayama and meditation to help develop focus and mental balance, so necessary for those more intimidating waves.

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