the art of being present and channeling consciousness.

There are as many methods of meditation as there are types of human society. All cultures have some form of meditation, be it shamanic or monastic.

We do not pretend to be Masters of meditation, nor great Gurus but over the years we have made some in-depth study of various techniques of meditation and are happy to humbly share our experience.

The benefits of meditation are vast and it is the never ending practice, training can be given but ultimately it is the student who must learn, no-one can be injected with a strong practice of meditation.

Amed, Bali is wonderful place for the study of meditation with coral reef and peaceful rice paddies against the incredible backdrop of the Agung volcanoe. We see Meditation both as a tool for improved Yoga Asana practice and free-diving and a result of success in both, in that the best free-diving is a form of aquatic meditation.

For those with specific interest in only meditation guidance can be given in forms of Buddhist mindfulness meditation and some Tantric practices.

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