Further freedive training

Further freedive training

Increased depth and understanding through experimentation and  technique in Amed, Bali.

Beyond the advanced freediver course and for those with previous structured freedive training we offer deep freediver training and coaching.

Training can be adapted to the wants and needs of each particular student. Those wanting coaching in freediving can receive instruction in free immersion, constant weight, unassisted and static. Those simply wishing to become more at one with the liquid element can focus more on meditation and diving for the sheer pleasure of underwater silence.

Much of the focus of training beyond the advanced freediver course is on developing increased thoracic flexibility for deeper freediving and learning mouthfill and BTV equalisation techniques for freediving below residual lung volume.

As well as equalisation and thoracic flexibility  we would also train the freediver to develop a stronger and more efficient freedivers Mammalian Dive Response. We would also work a lot the mental angle of deeper freedives, using deep relaxation techniques taken from Yoga and visualisation.

For those looking for a longer and deeper freedive training immersion we will be shortly offering the Apneista Master freediver course starting in the summer. We believe that we have the best place in Asia to offer this type of intensive freedive training, see location.

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