Free-diving for Surfers

Free-diving for surfers in Bali.

A two day course of free-diving and breath hold training for surfers.

The course aims to help develop the focus, skill and strength to ride big waves and the free-diving know-how and confidence to handle big wave hold downs when things don’t go quite as planned.

This covers most of the same material as the basic freediver course; but it is tailored specifically for surfers to give maximum benefit in minimum time, a certain level of aquatic comfort is assumed. Non surfers or anyone interested in the broader aspects of free-diving should take the basic and advanced courses.For those who already have basic training the surfer course can be done in one day.

The focus of the breath hold training is on probing personal limits and breaking down mental walls. We do this by understanding and triggering the Mammalian Dive Reflex and experiencing directly just what the human body is capable of in breath hold situations.

The course is more intense than the Basic Freediver course and tailors the training to suit the specific demands of the surfer tackling bigger waves.

It’s all in the mind and when the mind knows what the body is capable of it can relax with often incredible results.

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