Pranayama and Bhanda

Pranayama & Bhanda


Training in the transformative power of Pranayama and Bhanda is offered to individuals and small groups. Price will depend on duration and intensity of training.

Prana: Life force
Yama: Control / extension

Pranayama is the science of increasing the flow of energy in the body by manipulation of the breath.

Bhanda: Lock / restrain

Bhandas are psycho-muscular locks that re direct the flow of energy in the body and are an integral part of many Pranayama practices. Their correct use is also very beneficial in deepening asana practice. There are three locks, root(mula) abdominal(uddiyana) and chin(jalandar). All have their uses but for freediving, the most important is uddiyana bhanda, abdominal lock. All three contribute to stronger inner awareness of bodily functions.

Both Pranayama and Bhandas are powerful tools in yoga, useful for releasing psychological and energetic blocks and clearing the way for deep meditation. The teaching that is offered at Apneista will depend on the needs of each individual student. Some will be looking only to deepen their asana practice and others will be seeking to develop their practice of meditation.

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