Asana Yoga Classes

A Tantric approach to Asana, tailored to the individual.

We have drop in classes most days either morning or evening and in high season both. We also regularly run workshops with ourselves and with visiting teachers. Get in touch for a schedule.

Training in Asana is offered on an ongoing basis to individuals and small groups with easy-going personalised attention and careful attention to alignment.

Our focus is on adapting the asana practice to suit the persons particular needs as they present themselves, sometimes practice will be more dynamic with use of simple but powerful vinyasa, at other times classes will have a more restorative focus.

Our approach is Tantric in that we celebrate the body even with all its imbalances, using the energy of the body as a means to transcend the purely physical.

One interpretation of Tantra considers it a path of extension of consciousness and liberation of energy and this dual concept guides our practice on various levels. With focused practice of Asana and Pranayama we bring consciousness into the body and breath and increase our control of physiological functions, which helps develop greater subtlety of awareness, the first step towards meditation. As our practice becomes more aware we can then release blockages in the physical and energetic bodies.

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