Yesterday when we went down to free-dive we saw that the beautiful bay had been invaded by the Plastic plague.  To escape the disgusting sight of thousand and thousands of plastic bags we went to the outside line where there is more water movement. Even there was the odd bag floating past.

Every three or four weeks the mess comes around again, and every three or four weeks we sigh and dive in another place. Anyone who spends time in the water, knows the saddening truth that our oceans are starting to fill up with plastic and the increasing damage to marine life seems inevitable. Mother Nature looks to be in trouble everywhere.

Context is everything and if we look at the night sky we can see we live on a small planet in in an infinite space. In the context of the universe our woes are insignificant. We may screw things up for ourselves but Mother Nature will always continue creating.

In the context of Humankind’s all encompassing need to consume, banning plastic bags in Bali is also insignificant. But if Bali is to continue using plastic as it does now in ten years the island of the Gods will drown in a sea of plastic, in the context of Bali that would be an environmental, moral and economic tragedy.

There is a face-book page started today on ‘Earth day’ to collect pictures showing the beauty that is Bali and the ugliness that is the plastic plague. If enough people post pics and comments, the maybe we can link up people who would like to see Bali plastic free, which is surely anyone who lives here or has ever visited.

please share this page and post pics.

Who knows, maybe common sense will prevail.

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