This kind of goodness must be shared. Just in case you needed any convincing, we’ve got students’ words of encouragement…

“I came here afraid of the water only left committed to free diving. WOW! This has been a deeply moving life affecting experience for me.
Having nearly drowned twice as a child, I leave here at one with the water, having conquered a massive fear in my life. Matthew and the team are exceptionally accomplished and professional- they help impart confidence through a solid foundation of education. The biggest recommendation I can give is that I am coming to do it again!”
Laurie B.

“It was a great experience. Kwab was extremely calm, patient & informative. A good teacher. Matthew displayed excellent knowledge, has great teaching style and runs a very good yoga lesson. Ketut & team in the cafe have a great cheerful demeanor & were very professional, enforcing the “no coffee before freediving rule”. Cafe food was excellent. Location is excellent & business appears to fit in well with the community.
The has a very cooperative feel which can be hard in a small business or any business. The affiliative/efficient & professional dynamic is visible & clearly should be maintained. This team has a good ambience.
I also enjoyed hearing about all team members’ background, philosophy, & values from rehab work, thoughts on dhamma meditation, yoga, recommendations on places to eat, corporate crime to the greens (?). The bunch are collectively mindful, considerate, compassionate & intelligent.
I also liked Nahla the kitten.”
Michael H.

“An excellent course that allowed me to gain the knowledge and skills I’d hoped for! A great balance of theory, dive practice, and stretching providing a wonderful insight into the many aspects of freediving. I particularly liked looking at how to use and ‘get to know’ your mind for your advantage in general & to apply to many areas of life! Terima Kasih!”
Elizabeth M.

“The location is great! Matthew is funny, patient. Easy to get in and out of the water; and the reef is beautiful to snorkel.“
Gillian K.

I absolutely loved the basic course so much so that after completion and an extra day of training, I decided to pursue my formation with the advanced course, which is even better. The Apneista team is truly terrific, I really appreciate their teaching ways, which aren’t at all only focused on performance, but mostly safety and having fun. I also liked how freediving is closely associated to relaxation, yoga and healthy living. I hope I can find a way to continue freediving when back home, it really is an amazing sport and hobby! Thanks so much for everything!”
Alexandre B.

“Fantastic course, great training, helped me achieve more than I had hope to and given me lots to go away with. Great venue and great people as well. Will definitely be back for more training as I feel I have more to get out of this. Absolutely stoked with what I achieved today. Thank you!”
Michelle E.

“Great course! The times where I could forget I was holding my breath and could concentrate on the moment made the whole course worth it. Great training and great preparation for life.”
Jonathan D.

“BAGUS!!! Exceeded all my expectations! Awesome instruction. Awesome atmosphere. Very professional. Excellent course.”
Bartman P.

“Thank you very much for the useful lessons, passing on new skills and patience. Was absolutely great to build the comfort up slowly and get a closer relationship with the water.”
Ana A.

“Excellent Class. Nice to put safety/physics/freediving principle in the same package. Nice to have 2 water session on the second day also.”
Benjamin G.

“Level of theory was really interesting and taught me a lot about mechanics of diving & surfing etc. Relaxing environment really adds to the enjoyment. Food was fantastic.”
Trent T.

“Amazing experience. New way to explore mind body connection and connect with your body in a great, gentle way. I deepened my experience and skill every time I went in the water. This course transformed the way I think about the open water, gave me confidence and ability to really enjoy diving. I’m very grateful to my teacher for their knowledge. Loved every minute of it!”
Magda C.

“This was exactly the style course in freediving I wanted to take. I learned a tremendous amount about the science, physiology and technique of freediving. Even having freedived before and scuba for many years, I learned many new techniques to practice in the future. This was an awesome course. Loved Everything!”
Chris D.

“I’m sure there are other excellent teachers around the world, it’s clear to me that I should learn to freedive with you.
Going with the flow of it all…

Two things are certain:
1. Jet lag
2. Learning to free dive in Indonesia with Matt

Just a matter of when…”
Dijon C.

“I can highly recommend the freediving basic course with Matthew at Apneista in Amed, Bali. The course was very satisfying in providing a background in the theory, and practice of freediving. Moreover, Matthew brings with him a depth of knowledge and experience in yoga & diving that enhances the educational value of the course. It was also fun and relaxed which helps tremendously.”
Dalton C.

“First of all thank you all again for the freedive training I honestly had the 2 best weeks of surfing after the course. Even my surf coaches were impressed by my improved which for sure came from the confidence I gained during the course.”

Carlijn C.

“Awesome course. Great technical background on techniques. Gradually increasing difficulty to allow for comfort in the water throughout. For the price of 1 scuba day I learned how to see more without paying for tanks for the rest of my life.”
Andrew C.

“I met my goals and even more. I’ve learned a lot from yoga and relaxation- I didn’t come for that purpose and the fact that I could directly see the effect of this practice into freediving was a pleasant and nice surprise. That has for sure opened my mind on this practice for other sports. I also have gone deeper in sea than what I could imagine in easy way and get rid of my fear…so much to say….
Thank you!! =-)”
Stephane B.

“Big thanks to all the Apneista team for organizing safe & friendly environment. The class teacher Matthew wass very professional & knowledgeable, ensuring very comfortable diving afterwards. Even though I was a complete beginner to the deep diving, I really enjoy it at the end…going through some anxiety & my “monkey mind” telling me ‘I can’t do it’. But…I did some “deep blue” experience with a smile at the end. 🙂
Isabella D.

“Great course! A life discovery! Great teacher, very good teaching skills, professional, reassuring, patient to answer all the questions.
Good balance between practice & theory, serious review of all the basics. Good equipment, looks brand new & well maintained. Very nice venue for the training (cafe, right on the spot). Thanks for everything, had a really fantastic time!”
Eleonore D.

“It was totally awakening and absolutely a great course. The whole set up, theory, practise, yoga was a great mix and preparation. I can’t imagine it being any better. I felt very well taken care of and safe. Thanks a lot to all of you!!”
Andrea B.

“Excellent course. Profound teaching of theory. Great teaching also in the water, particularly the way Matthew was dealing with the individual abilities and talents. Will recommend it to anyone who’s interested.”
Thomas G.

“Very happy with the course as well as the instructor. Extremely patient and able to cater for all capabilities. Safe and not pushy. Theory was very interesting and explained nice and slowly. Also very happy with my practical dives in the end. All goals achieved! Thank you!”
Travis J.

“Thanks a lot for the professional theory classes and the fantastic time in the water! Your calm way of teaching made my dives very enjoyable. I wouldn’t have expected to have such a good time doing freediving!”
Andrea R.

“Terrific! Well done! Very enjoyable!”
Ian T.

“Good course. Impressive what the body can do!”
Peter H.

“Great course. Well instructed & clearly presented. It was everything I had hoped for. We’ll definitely be back!”
Alexa M.

“Excellent in all aspects- would not change anything. Kwab in particular deserves special mention for this relaxed and calming instruction style.”
Hugh P.

“I loved the yoga & breath work. I feel this course will benefit my connection with ocean and overcoming stressful situations. I can’t believe how far we were able to dive. Thank you for your calm, cool and collected manor, it made overcoming obstacles easy! Thank you!!”
Anna K.

“This was amazing! I no idea I was capable of reaching 20 meters underwater. Kwab is an excellent instructor and I really appreciate the theory aspect of the class.”
Jordan P.

“Superb course! Exceeded my expectations. Content well presented and easy to follow- always felt at ease. And safe in the water. Inspired me to look at an advanced course.”
Peter B.

“Great for meditation, learning to feel at ease in uncomfortable situations and moving out of my comfort zone.”
Alice T.

“I really enjoyed the free diving and yoga course. I feel much more comfortable underwater compared to before the course. It was just the right amount of theory, yoga exercises, and practical freediving. I like the unique approach that Apneista takes towards freediving, combining yoga with freediving. Thank you Kwab for sharing all your knowledge with us.”
Immanuel H.

“Very Knowledgeable instructors with individualised attention to each student. Reassuring +comforting. Awesome location.“
Ashlee B.

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