Best place to learn free-diving in Bali….

Apart from the beautiful new training space right on the beach, as before we have the beautiful blue right in front. Which is why we came in the first place.

Here’s some random pics to show what the vibe is like free-diving at Apneista, Amed Bali.

Yoga, Pranayama and meditation on the beach in Amed, Bali.

Our new training space is sitting right on the beach in Jemaluk Bay, Amed. Due to it’s deep walls, warm water and lack of currents, not to mention stunning natural beauty, this bay is fast becoming recognised as the best place in Bali for recreational free-diving. But free-diving is only half of what we do here.  In our beach-side Yoga sala we also offer daily classes of Asana  and regular classes of Pranayama and Meditation. Here are some pics taken over the last few days by the wonderful Mr Caine Delacy.

The best place to learn to free-dive in Bali…

has now been ritually cleansed with a new temple.

The last week we’ve been teaching students of both yoga and free-diving, but it’s really today that we have  moved into the space properly.  It was today, the day of the full moon that we made the proper offerings to the temple and ritually cleansed the space. Now Apneista has a living temple that keeps us safe from supernatural interference by unruly spirits. The lovely Ketut also made the appropriate offerings to sea, as no free-diving school wants the trouble in that department.

Come and see us for training in free-diving, yoga and pranayama and meditation, tell your mates and share it with your faceburp..