Level 3

Deep Freediving Course

“This SSI freediving course in an intensive in below residual volume  techniques”

Who is this for?

The level 3 freediving course is very specifically for the person who is already comfortable diving to residual volume and has limited time to explore deeper techniques. We would normally recommend the master programme to learn these techniques at a slower pace.

Much of the focus of training beyond the advanced freediver course is on developing increased thoracic flexibility for deeper freediving and learning mouthfill equalisation techniques for freediving below residual lung volume.

As well as equalisation and thoracic flexibility we also train the freediver to develop a stronger and more efficient freedivers Mammalian Dive Response. We work a lot the mental angle of deeper freedives, using deep relaxation techniques taken from Yoga and modern hypnotherapy.

The Level 3 course is usually taught over 4 days, for those looking for a longer and deeper freedive training immersion the option also exists to include this within the 4 week freediving mastercourse.


Water training

  • Functional residual capacity diving(FRC)
  • Mouthfill
  • Deep rescue and safety diving
  • Deep rescue and safety diving
  • Long term adaptations

Dry training

  • Advanced equalisation practices
  • Staged visualisations, mental conditioning
  • BTV training for tubular flexibility
  • Advanced thoracic flexibility practices


Apneista is a community of Professional Freediving trainers and Yoga teachers. We train mostly in Amed Bali, but also teach and run freediving and yoga courses elsewhere in Indonesia and abroad.

We run most of our freedive training in and from our beautiful training space right on the beach in Amed, at the best spot in Bali for Freediving. We have a yoga sala and a funky café to chill out in between training sessions.See Our freedive training space for more details

 Bali and most specifically Amed is fast becoming an important centre of freediving in SE Asia, with more and more freedivers choosing it as a place to freedive and hang out. Bali freediving is in warm waters, with beautiful reefs and wrecks. The topside life is also great with a vibrant local culture which is famous the world over. See topside life for things to do in Amed.


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Happy students.

“Fulfilling My Dreams To Swim Like A Fish”


Reviewed July 26, 2016 I have always wanted to join the beautiful creatures of the ocean in the wild. Previously I tried SCUBA but the compressed air creates it's own unnatural dangers and the bubbles are so loud I cant hear anything and I scare the wildlife. Finally I have learned to swim with the fish instead of watching them hide from me. My instructor, was very experienced, knowledgeable and a good teacher. The curriculum was safety focused and yet the high instructor to student to ratio allowed each student to explore depths with supervision. The location is perfectly situated in a protected bay that has clear water for exceptional visibility. I highly recommend doing a training at Apneista.

“Great experience”

Junta S

Reviewed July 13, 2016 I did a 2 day beginner course at Apneista booked very last minute which they were willing to be flexible over (so give them a call even if their official course dates don't line up with your schedule). I went in without much expectation of what it would be like and I was hooked! I was amazed how much progress I was able to make in 2 days and gained a lot of insight into the way my body and breathing works. The instruction was great- half classroom, half in the water. Well structured.

“Honeymoon Free diving & Manta Ray Trip”


Reviewed July 4, 2016 Myself and my husband were advised by a friend to go to Apneista for the level 1 SSI course on our honeymoon. We both love the water but I was definitely nervous and slightly sceptical. (I can't hold my breath and wasn't sure I'd be comfortable even trying!) To say that I loved it would be a complete understatement. I was able to dive to 16m on my second day (my peers went to over 24m). We did this course on the first week of our honeymoon, I went straight out and bought a new mask and we used every opportunity to practice our new found skills! On the third day we went to manta point and dove with over 30 manta ray (someone said 50....I'm not sure). I was unsure of whether to do free diving or a PADI course when I went to Indonesia. Having previously completed 4 scuba dives I much preferred this and found it more accessible (all you need is a buddy, a snorkel and some water, no tanks, no boats, no money!!) Apneista are brilliant the instructors were amazing, very relaxed and above all patient. The food in the café is really yum and overall a great atmosphere. The only problem now is that the Atlantic is too cold 🙁